Restoring The Moment

There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.
— Robert Frank

The Idea

 We moved from Salt Lake City, UT  to Rochester, NY in 2012 and I decided to focus on my passion for photography. I studied and took many online classes and was slowly able to take photos I was happy with and that shared the feelings I was hoping for. I lived 45 minutes from Palmyra and knew I had to take advantage of the 4 years I had the opportunity to be so close to where the restoration of the gospel took place. More recently I was able to save up the money I had earned through my photography business and take trips to many of the other Historic LDS sights to capture images of these beautifully preserved locations. 

Style & Quality

I wanted to set my images apart from ones that had already been taken. I intentionally look for images that are framed in a more artistic and unique way. I also strive to evoke feelings in the images I have chosen, hoping to really have the viewer stop, take a breath, and let their mind take them to the actual moment that happened in the location the photo was taken. 

My original plan for this project was to take photos at historic sites on anniversary of the day that certain events happened in history. I was able to do this for many of the sites.

Just to name a few: 

 I stood in the room where where the first relief society meeting took place on that same day of its organization. I stood on the Whitmer Farm the day the Church was officially established. I stood in the Grandin Printing Press on the day they completed the printing of the Book of Mormon.  I stood in Joseph's room on the day he saw Angel Moroni.

More Photography

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